I’ve been away for three days of retreat. Actually it was a training, but for me, the two are often the same. The teaching this week on empathy, presence, and listening touched my heart. In reflecting on core longings, trauma, and grief, I became painfully aware that all three equally occupy my heart. What I love most about my time away is how it awakens me, not only to my need but to His care. It puts me back in touch with the truth that what I need most, He is eager to give. 
Everyone that seeks will find.
Everyone that asks will be given. 
These truths get buried in the busyness of life, yet they are always awaiting my rediscovery. In seeking, I find. In asking, I receive.  

One Reply to “Awakened”

  1. Just found and savor your blog…keep up your posts, my friend. I shared several of your common truths already today with others.

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