Healing is a Journey

I participated in a small group training this weekend. It was a training for leaders on how to care for the hurt and broken. I have been on the healing journey for many years and yet I am far from unbroken. I have a story, and I have struggles. Over the two and a half days I was there, I received much needed care for both. As a caregiver, it is rare for me to open myself to the care I need, but I did. In the safe environment of the group I was in, I not only reconnected to my heart, which I’d numbed, I reconnected to God whose kindness I’d long ignored.  

The teaching provided through the training was powerful. I discovered, and was reminded of truths that both comfort and challenge. Even more importantly, I experienced the truths being taught firsthand, through the group I was in. To talk about helping the hurt and broken is one thing, but to be broken and helped is quite another. For the two days I was there, I experienced the rich blessing of each one.  

Finally, the power of stories was reinforced. God is in every story and struggle. We are all on a healing journey, and we all need care along the way. 

Father, thank you for meeting me this past weekend, and for the reminder that you are in each moment. Even when I am absent, you are there, waiting, beckoning me to tune into and enjoy what you have for me. Amen


2 Replies to “Healing is a Journey”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Ken. I am so thankful to God for bringing you to this place and making you aware of his presence.

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