Left Behind

A favorite quote from a favorite author: 

“A part of you was left behind very early in your life; the part that never felt completely received. It is full of tears … You have to bring home the part of you that was left behind. That is not easy, because you have become quite a formidable person … Your grown-up self has to become very childlike, hospitable, gentle and caring so your anxious self can return home and feel safe.” 

Henri Nouwen

I love this quote by Nouwen. It speaks to my own journey of healing. There are parts of me that were left behind early in my life. Sadly, they have remained “lost” to me for longer than I care to remember. In “exile” they languish without honor or nurture. Nouwen reminds me of the importance of finding, welcoming, and receiving with grace, these tearful parts of my self. 

Father, help me to welcome with grace, all parts of me, and more than that, to treat them with the gifts of generous care and gentle restoration. Amen 


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