Hurry Sickness

I’ve always thought of myself as laid back and relaxed. It’s my style. Yet, the pace of ministry is anything but laid back. There’s always one more need to fill, question to answer, or heart to mend. Lately, I’ve noticed that when people have approached me for help, they often begin by saying:

“I know you are busy but …” 

I wonder if when I’m with people that I’m really with them? Is it their experience that I’m in a hurry to be somewhere else? I hope not, but I fear it is true.

Paul Tillich once observed that “the first duty of love is to listen.” If that is true, then I need to slow down long enough to listen. Is my heart centered and at rest or is it filled with clutter and worry? 

These questions hit close to home, especially when I consider how much Jesus accomplished without ever being in a hurry. He made time for the woman at the well (John 4) and made a hurried and worried Martha slow down so she could experience His presence (Luke 10:38-42). He wants the same for us. 

Like Martha, my heart is often restless and burdened. I need help from the one who promises to rest my hurried heart (Matt. 11).

Lord, today, help me to slow down and not run ahead. Help me to walk beside you and with others. Help me to tune into your presence, so that I might be fully present to others. Amen


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