Heaven’s Rest

Its early morning and I find myself with a dilemma. I’m tired. Instead of going to the gym to workout, I’d rather go back to bed. Even so, I throw on my hoodie, grab my gym bag, and head out. As the door closes behind me, I am reminded of one of life’s enduring truths.

Life is difficult.

I realize this is not an earth shattering insight, but it is an important one. I confess, certainly as a young person, but even now as an adult, I find this truth difficult to accept. Whether sports, graduate school, or important relationships, effort is required. Even so, there is a part of me that wants a world where things are not hard, where I’m taken care of, and where exhaustion never wins the day.

The Hebrew writer spoke of a day, and of a time when this kind of rest will be ours to enjoy (Hebrews. 4:13). It is the rest that Jesus promises to those who walk with Him. This side of heaven, we experience it in part, as live toward and yearn for the day when we will enjoy it fully and forever. 

And so on mornings like this, when I would rather just stay in bed, and when I want life to be effortless and easy, I take comfort in the fact, that maybe its not laziness after all, but simply a longing for the rest that Jesus promises. 

One day, things will be easy and without effort. But not today. And so as I face the day, God, please give me a measure of the rest I will one day enjoy in full. 


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