Exodus Deliverance

As I prepare for worship this morning, I’m reflecting on the following Rabbinic quote about Passover.

“We taste (in the seder meal) the trauma of slavery in all its bitterness as well as the sweetness of liberation … and we realize how fortunate we are, and also how enslaved we are – whether by habits and patterns, relationships that no longer suit us, or haunting memories of the past.” 

How true it is, that life is often bittersweet. An odd, and at times awful mingling of burdens and blessings. We live in the tension of finding ourselves enslaved, craving a freedom we don’t have, and then crying out, being heard, and graciously delivered into new freedom. 

God is a deliverer, not just from Egyptian Pharaohs, but everything and anything in your life that robs you of freedom and crushes your spirit.

Father, deliver us from anything that has more of our hearts than you do. You are our deliverance!


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